The Bay of Carrical

The bay by the village of Carrical on the Eastern part of Sao Nicolau proved to be the perfect stop over for tired yotties in transit to and from Sal.

Eskalope seen from the beachwpid-img_20141227_091531.jpg The wonderful Bay of CarricalDSC_0357

IMG_0847 IMG_0843 IMG_0839 IMG_0837 IMG_0836 IMG_0835 IMG_0834 IMG_0832 IMG_0831

Erics boatwpid-img_20141226_133902.jpg

Three guys on the beach under the coconut palmswpid-img_20141227_091304.jpg CarricalDSC_0364 The villagers are helpful and friendly, and was a great help in finding the right anchor spot, day or night. DSC_0360Our “yottie handler”, Eric, with his brand new Eskalope T-shirt and shorts waving us Good Bye!


One response to “The Bay of Carrical

  1. Fascinerende og spennende bilder. Så nesten litt skummelt ut i den landsbyen. Men en t-skjorte og en shorts gjør tingen. Må huske å ustyre meg med det når jeg skal til Fredrikstad……..:)

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