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Canaries – Cape Verde passage report

The Skipper wishes to thank Wim, Carl and Justin for a great and enjoyable 830 nautical miles passage from Las Galletas to Mindelo in just 4 days and 20 hours! Winds were constantly gusting between 20 and 36 knots from NE. Eskalope handled everything with all the grace of an old lady. And this Lady is not for turning! 🙂OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Chef and the Master makes sure that we have all the food we need. We had to pull in this skipjack tuna with nothing but our bare hands and a gaff. The line got tangled up in the wind generator!

wpid-img_20141207_133323.jpg Eager to get out of the harbour in Las Galletas..wpid-img_20141207_133608.jpg wpid-img_20141210_175603.jpg Lone had to stay behind in Los Cristianos. Just done with her paint job!wpid-wp-1418489091207.jpeg …while Chef gets his hands all bloody making fresh sashami!wpid-wp-1418489066477.jpeg Among our visitors were flying squid…wpid-wp-1418489044954.jpeg…as well as flying fish who hid in the cutter sail!


Last night together for the passage crew


Siste natt med gjengen i Mindelo!
Wim flyr nemlig videre mot Sal i morgen, samtidig ankommer Lone og Jungmann i lĂžpet av natten.
Vi koser oss, og nyter alle inntrykk!