Dominican Rain Forest Hike

What a fantastic day of rainforest hiking around Portsmouth! First the Indian River, then the National trail of Waitukubuli. And it rained…;.)wpid-wp-1427659225349.jpeg wpid-wp-1427659235378.jpeg wpid-wp-1427659247984.jpegThe thing about fresh water is that it’s, well, eh… fresh…!wpid-wp-1427659261251.jpeg wpid-wp-1427659276994.jpegPortsmouth and surroundingswpid-wp-1427659291985.jpeg wpid-wp-1427659320589.jpegCan somebody please tell me why all the crabs gather around 300 meters above sea level?wpid-wp-1427659305438.jpegDownhill sliding and stumblingwpid-wp-1427659356237.jpegwpid-wp-1427659335226.jpeg wpid-wp-1427659343247.jpeg wpid-wp-1427659356237.jpeg wpid-wp-1427659367771.jpeg wpid-wp-1427659389996.jpeg wpid-wp-1427659400885.jpeg wpid-wp-1427659416907.jpeg wpid-wp-1427659422045.jpeg wpid-wp-1427659433046.jpeg wpid-wp-1427659438466.jpegThe last part was fairly easy, though! 🙂

Tomorrow: Les Saintes, then Guadeloupe


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