Ocean Angel

What a small world it is! A few years back, I googled for other First 42 owners who had done major maintenance on their boats, and this American First 42 “Ocean Angel” always showed up as one of the top choices. So I ended up emailing with Steven about different topics. Joking that we should meet to discuss things more direct.
Didn’t think too much about it since then, until we spotted a beautifully kept First 42 in Marigot Bay a week ago. I said to myself, could it really be…? And sure enough, when I got a glimpse of her transom – Ocean Angel!
We hailed them, and out came Joy, Steve and their friend Jane! Remebering our email correspondance, Steve invited us aboard, and this was the start of a lovely week with exchange of ideas and such with some wonderful people!

Many thanks to Joy and Steve!
Their website: http://www.sailwithoceanangel.com





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