Petit Piton

St Lucia at last, after a rough and wet stage directly from Bequia. Weather forecast: ESE 10-15 knots and sunny. Reality: NE 25-30 with heavy rain showers.

Too bad we couldn’t use the cuttersail, as I’m overhauling its chain plate at the moment. That’s why we chose to go on that forecast in the first place. Unfortunately,  we ripped the genoa from the tack corner and up about a meter in the luff. I guess the sailmaker in Rodney Bay will get busy one of these days.

Anyway, waking up to this view makes it worth while after all, don’t you think?






3 responses to “Petit Piton

  1. Etter å ha lest det her, lure æ på: Går det mye reisesyketabletter eller? Hold kursen, hils Lone. Hugs⛵️

    • Hei Ann Hedi. På denne Turen holt vi koken men hverken A. eller jeg var nede i båten mere enn høyest nødvendig.:) Neste tur blir det reisesyke Tyggis, plaster og tabletter.

  2. Pssst! Nydelig utsikt å våkne til👍

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